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"In the grim expanse of the Black Eye galaxy, I, The Judge, stand as the unwavering sentinel of the Imperial Empire of Plume. Bound by oath and duty, I am the instrument of the Holy Emperor's divine will, a steadfast guardian in the face of heresy and rebellion"

Step into the fray of the distant Black Eye galaxy in Plume, a relentless vertical shoot 'em up that harks back to the golden age of arcade gaming. 

As the turmoil of war engulfs the Imperial Empire of Plume, you, as the prized champion known as The Judge, are called upon by the Holy Emperor to quell the uprising and restore order.

The five houses of the empire have forged an unlikely alliance, their singular aim: to unseat the Emperor from his throne. But the Emperor is resolute, and with unwavering determination, he dispatches you, his most trusted warrior, to crush the rebellion and reaffirm the divine glory of the empire.

Plume offers classic arcade-style gameplay with a modern twist, challenging you to navigate treacherous skies and face off against relentless waves of enemies. With single-life mechanics that demand precision and skill, every moment in Plume is a test of your mettle.

Immerse yourself in retro-inspired visuals that pay homage to the games of yesteryears, accompanied by a pulse-pounding soundtrack that will fuel your determination as you battle through each stage.

Engage in epic showdowns against the heads of the five houses in heart-pounding boss battles that will push you to the limits of your abilities. Only the strongest will emerge victorious and assert their dominance on the global leaderboards.

Are you ready to rise as the Imperial Champion and restore order to the galaxy, or will the forces of rebellion prove too formidable? The fate of the empire lies in your hands.

Key Features:

  • Vertical shoot 'em up action with tough-as-nails, single-life arcade gameplay.
  • Retro-inspired visuals that capture the essence of classic arcade games.
  • Pulse-pounding soundtrack to fuel your intergalactic conquest.
  • Battle against the heads of the five houses in epic boss battles.
  • Global leaderboards to assert your dominance in the empire.


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